BPD stigma is alive and well

Following the Guardian’s stigmatising piece on personality disorders, CHLOE LIM discusses pervasive BPD myths.


What’s in a name?

 The way medical professionals treat people can vary hugely between diagnoses, even when symptoms are the same. How does this affect patients when the label they’re given is wrong? By Emma Simkin CN: Psychiatric hospitals, BPD, bipolar, suicide, self-harm, medication In January this year, a particularly unpleasant cocktail of emotions landed me in an acute … Continue reading What’s in a name?

A view from the Nut House

By Haleema Mirza National Film and Television School CN: Psychiatric wards, BPD   I recently quit my job after a series of unpleasant incidents. One of which I ashamedly was trying my hardest to overlook; it was just a throwaway remark, surely something I could ignore. I was sat in my second day of training … Continue reading A view from the Nut House