Micha Frazer-Carroll

Founder and Editor in Chief

Micha is a London-born Psychology graduate. Her bylines include the Guardian, ROOKIE, Dazed, and Cambridge’s student newspapers. Alongside Blueprint, she edits for gal-dem, a magazine run by women and non-binary people of colour. She envisions Blueprint as a lived experience-focused space that reimagines current conversations about young people’s mental health.


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Emily Bailey-Page

Features Editor

Emily has just graduated from Cambridge with a degree in History, however much she tried to contort it into a Gender Studies degree at the time. She has written and edited extensively for Blueprint and Varsity Newspaper. As Features Editor, she wants the section to be a space where people can talk about the sometimes messy, complicated realities of life and mental health, where you don’t always have to be sure of the answer. She also publishes how-to guides and tips on self-care and accessing mental health support. She welcomes new writers.





Sophie Nevrkla

London Editor

Sophie is a UCL graduate and freelance journalist who is passionate about mental health. She envisions Blueprint as a platform where young people can speak candidly about their own experiences and thus open up our ongoing cultural discussion about mental health.

Alongside Blueprint, Sophie was Editor-in-Chief of SAVAGE Journal, UCL’s arts and culture publication and the most popular magazine on campus. She has words in Music Week, Music-News.com, playstosee.com. and All About Group. She is also a bookseller and writes poetry and short stories.




Ryan McMeekin

London Editor

Ryan is a third-year English Literature student at UCL. Alongside Blueprint, he is the Treasurer and Events Manager for SAVAGE Journal, UCL’s biggest student publication, and has words in Huck. As Blueprint’s editor for UCL, alongside Sophie, he hopes that Blueprint can help to provide a space for reflection and relaxation in a city that is increasingly fast-paced.


Julia Alsop

Oxford Editor

Julia is a second year music student at Worcester College, Oxford. She is widely involved in the mental health and disability communities at university, and is secretary and mental health officer for Oxford SU’s disability campaign. She has also been involved with Student Minds, and has recently been appointed as a press ambassador. Her other interests include playing the organ, traveling, learning languages, and gin.
Dealing with bipolar disorder, Julia is keen to use Blueprint as a platform for talking about and educating people in mental health symptoms, particularly those subject to misconceptions and taboo.



Laura Williamson

Edinburgh Editor

Laura is a fourth year History student at the University of Edinburgh. She is also the editor of The Tab Edinburgh and has written extensively throughout her degree. As Blueprint’s new Edinburgh Editor, she envisages the zine’s move into the Scottish capital as the start of a process in which students from all UK universities will have a place to write, talk and express themselves about anything mental health.