There is a flicker of excitement

In the pit of the stomach,

Caused by the patter of rain

On a darkening street.

The quickest, most glancing thought

Of dancing under the freezing

Spits of rain, all the while

Tightening the blanket again,

And touching warmth on all sides.

But to forget for one moment

The sickening twist of gut,

That seized us for no reason

With no question at all,

To forget it all

At the sound of quickly falling rain,

Which we can’t quite make out,

Not quite a shadow,

In the window,

In the corner of an eye,

That falls without question,

Or need for explanation

Of why we sometimes, for a moment,

Wish to forget everything

Except the sound of rain in the dark.


By Mary Flanagan

Header image by ^Missi^

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