As the week starts afresh, we’re bringing you a spring playlist, in the spirit of new beginnings.


CN: Exercise, revision, exams


I made this super soothing and uplifting playlist around this time last year. At the time, I’d been in Homerton library all night revising for my exams, and had been feeling increasingly restless and stressed. Towards the end of the session, around 5am, I decided to go for a run.

The sun was rising, and it just felt so invigorating to leave the library and go running as dawn was breaking. Being out of the city centre, I was able to peacefully run around the quiet residential streets  – which were full of cherry blossom trees in full bloom. This soft buttery light was beginning to pool on the day, and taking it all in was the best form of stress relief.

I listened to the first song on this playlist, Song For Zula, on repeat as I ran – and I now can’t help but associate it with that very specific time of day, where the light is soft and mellow but the morning’s still cool. When I got home I made a whole a playlist to go alongside it.

This playlist is now my go to for relaxing running, walking in the early morning sun, or any time I’m outside, surrounded by light and green, and feeling like I’m seeing clearly again.

Header image by Danielle Henry

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