CN: Guillotine mention


I run unreal fingers through your hair, take

Straw-like handfuls of greying quiff


in sycophantic sustenance

for these miles of rudely decaying ligaments

I brush past as you, all you, stands before me in surrender


Deep within this greyness there is a man

I am determined to find,

I have dived into deepest ocean of emotion


Have climbed Everest twice over on avalanches

Of Cyrillic

Have pulled apart each pinched inch

Of all that you were and are and will be


And still no definite


You are not here. All that is


Is the solitary beat of my heart

And the Sisyphantic rolls of rrr

I cannot pull from my tongue

And the sand-mud embedded in the soles of each shoe

And buildings potmarked like skin


But I have your picture in hexagon, stretched

T a u t

Across my guillotine of neck


And thus, we save each other


By Eugenia Jacenty




Images by Kevin Dooley and daita saru


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