From tranquility to disrupted plans, and making figures in the snow to experiencing these second-hand, here’s a selection of some of your snowy experiences.


Jun Pang –  Cambridge, UK

I grew up reading about snow in English books – for the longest time, I thought it was something people made up. As my friends and I walked around Cambridge today, among the frosted turrets and trees, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by how beautiful the world can be. (Also, it was fun making the most wholesome snowman in the world!)

jun pang snow 4.jpgjun pang snow 2.jpgjun pang snow 3.jpg


Charlie ZouCambridge, UK

Snow Swans (college proposal)

charlie zou.jpg


Cristina OrlandoSighișoara, Romania

‘why do you get so excited, it’s just frozen raindrops!’


how can they know

I’m now many years back

the white pureness

within as outside

not a care in the world

just awe my soul

as light as a flake

the gentle touch

a pleasant shiver


I put a hand out –




Waithera SebatindiraCambridge, UK

I’m not a fan of snow when I have to shovel it, but when it’s sitting out-of-reach on top of King’s College Chapel, it’s absolutely perfect.

IMG_5608 (1).jpg


Arianna RabinCambridge, UK

Snow is the most beautiful weather: anything it touches turns magical.


Jenny Irving London, UK

My friend put this photo up on a group chat I’m in. I haven’t been outside today, and haven’t achieved anything. Its odd for me, and I can’t tell if the snow is bringing up a rebellious nostalgia or an apathetic depression. It just doesn’t seem to matter on snow days.

jenny irving.jpg


Fergus EganHampsted Heath, London, UK

On snow days the world just stops in the best way.



Lucy AllenBirmingham, UK

My experience of the snow today: It ruined my plans for the day – I was going to head to Cambridge for a carol service, but instead of driving anywhere I am watching a Christmas film with my dog and a blanket. I’m not too disappointed!

Lucy Allen.jpg


Dhruti ModhaLondon, UK

space to breathe, feel cold, under the blanket-quiet.



Header image: Jun Pang

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