Micha Frazer-Carroll

CN: Eating disorders, dissociation,

hallucinations, exams, abuse, suicide


As Blueprint’s one-year anniversary quickly approaches, we look back on our most read pieces since launching.

11. Anorexia, my privilege, and me

23/09/2017 – Carl Wikeley

“What if I had been thinking about this in entirely the wrong way? What if the key to understanding my mental illness was not searching for the root cause, but thinking about its effects?” In this piece, Carl explores the relationship between conceptions of mental health, eating disorders, sexuality, and identity.  Read more


10. Dear mum, I’m sorry I used to be embarrassed by your accent

Credit: Seir+Seir
26/03/2017 – Sienna Hewavidana

“When I was 11, my mother trialled as a teaching assistant in my class. As she introduced herself, suddenly, amplified for all to hear, was a strong Srilankan accent. In a room full of well-spoken white children, my mother was an alien.” Discussing internalised racism and the social isolation that can come being a first generation migrant, Sienna’s piece was picked up by BBC Radio’s Asian Network, where she was interviewed about the piece live.  Read more


9. “I thought I’d gone mad”: Your guide to dissociation

Credit: Lauren Wisnewski
16/02/2017 – Emma Simkin

“I missed lectures, supervisions, birthdays, meals out and half of my final exam paper – not because I didn’t turn up, but because my mind disconnected from where I was. I thought I’d gone mad and was terrified to tell anyone.” Dissociation is a common symptom of anxiety, but it is commonly misunderstood by professionals, and there are very few online resources on it. Here Emma Simkin brings us an invaluable guide, along with lived experience, on dissociation.  Read more


8. Dumplings, desserts, and bikini pictures: travelling in recovery from bulimia


9/10/2017 – Daisy Carter

“I am used to matching pictures of my skinny self with romance, and validation, and worth.” Daisy Carter tells us about the journey of her recovery from bulimia, and how it interacted with travelling.  Read more


7. Mental illness exists beyond depression and anxiety – why don’t we talk about it?

Credit: Esme Garlake
04/03/2017 – Emma Simkin

“Tell someone you’re feeling low and struggling to get out of bed, and aside from offering kindness and support, no one really bats an eyelid. Tell the same person that you think that motorway signs are giving you hidden messages about the secrets of time, and they look at you like you’ve just grown three heads or murdered a puppy.” In this piece, Emma Simkin discusses the underrepresentation of mental health problems beyond depression and anxiety; and how this relates to stigma.  Read more


6. “Stop practising Skype sex on your laptop webcam”: Biba Kang – advice to my teenage self

Credit: Reinis Traidas
23/02/2017 – Biba Kang

“Do not confuse having a poor central heating system with wanting a relationship. You will get a boyfriend when you are emotionally ready to give and receive love, not as a hot water-bottle substitute.” Independent writer Biba Kang shares her top tips for her younger self relating to sex, relationships, and feminism.  Read more


5. Why I’m not revising for my exams

Credit: Lookcatalogue
20/05/2017 – Aisja Mahmood

“I will fight tooth and nail to challenge the idea that there is only one way to be a student.” Aisja Mahmood tells us how disability intertwines with her stance on learning and exams.  Read more


4. Am I sick enough? On “high functioning” mental health problems

21/04/2017 – Sophie Buck

“Approaching my college counsellor, she told me I was ‘fine’ if I was still able to work.” Sophie Buck unpacks ideas of “functionality” surrounding what we see as good mental health – and how this is related to capitalism.  Read more


3. There’s no “right way” to do uni. I’m tired of defending mine

29/08/2017 – Hina Khalid

“As a Muslim student coming from an ethnic minority background, Cambridge has not always been the easiest place to navigate. With dated portraits of old privileged men decorating the college halls, with all-white supervisors and professors, and with the drinking culture being so prominent, it was often difficult to cultivate a sense of ‘belonging’ to a space that was palpably never built for me.” In our most-liked piece ever, Hina Khalid explains why her way of navigating university as a Muslim student is valid.  Read more


2. This year I devour: life after abuse

9/11/2017 – Danielle Howe

“I was asked recently if I had ever been in love. I think yes, I think I have. But I also believe that everyone’s version of love is different. Mine has been one founded upon control and abuse.” Danielle Howe tells her story of recovering in a psychiatric ward following an abusive relationship.  Read more


1. “13 Reasons Why” has failed teenage girls

via Netflix
16/04/2017 – Martha Rose Saunders

“My main feeling finishing the show was just sadness.” In a piece that went viral, Martha Rose Saunders tells us how “13 Reasons Why” fails to tackle serious issues affecting teenage girls.  Read more


Header image by Helen Frost

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