By Saraaya Sulaiyman


CN: depression, insomnia, suicidal feelings


It’s a special kind of hell my dear I wish you never feel

It stretches your mind like a band until ping you forget what’s real


It slowly scrapes away your skin to gently coat it with dread

It steals away your hopes and dreams and leaves fear behind instead


It erases your identity both your future and your past

It shrouds you with a choking darkness which seems doomed to last


So you’ll lie awake night after night wishing for the way out

Your principles are paper thin, you’re wavering, you’re full of doubt


But my dear when your skin is covered with this coat of dread

Know that it will harden, it will thicken  so that you can tread


And when you feel that you don’t have a future or a past

Know that I have felt this way and I promise it doesn’t last


And when my dear you lie awake wishing for your way out

Know that others before you, they found a way to stop and shout


It’s a special kind of hell my dear, i wish you never feel

But if you do, know that you can and will heal


Image Jemima Poffley

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