By Hila Chenzbraun

CN: menstruation, eating


menstruation illustration2 (2).png

Comic reads (clockwise from top):

It’s bloody time to feel that:

It’s OK to be especially angry about everything that is wrong with the world.

It’s OK to eat even though you’ve literally eaten everything. Hint: you’ll never feel full.

It’s OK that you’re extra sensitive.

It’s OK if you want to watch Netflix for the next four hours. No one’s judgin’.

It’s OK that you made emergency toilet paper pads when you couldn’t be bothered to go to the stop, even though it definitely didn’t do the job.

It’s OK that you’re feeling so many emotions at once that you start to question who and what you are.

It’s OK to start crying at the lonely old man you saw on TV.

It’s OK that you kinda bled on your friend’s couch. We’ve all been there and hoped no one found out what the mysterious stain was.’




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