By Beth Walters

CN: Self-care, feeling low,


So you’re having one of those days. Maybe you missed your alarm then rushed to lectures, then a lorry splashed you with mud, only for you to find out the lecture has been cancelled. Then you get home and realise there’s no milk for your commiseration cup of tea. One of those days. Time for a bit of soothing self-care. Here at Blueprint we believe that self-care shouldn’t ever have to cost money, but there are some times when a mere fiver can go a long way! Obviously everyone is different – different things work for different people, so check out our ideas below:

1. Flowers or a seasonal decoration.

By Maggie

All too often we get swept away in a whirlwind of the daily degree grind and weekly monotony, that we let the seasons pass without us! Buy daffodils in spring, carnations, even cheap tulips can be found if you hit the market at the right time. Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of the eventual demise of the bunch then hit T K Maxx and get a seasonal decoration. Be it Halloween, Easter, pancake day or midsummer, there’ll be a kooky decoration for you.

2.A trip down memory lane.


I recently felt extremely stressed out and had a flash of inspiration. As a child I loved playing with play-doh and finger paints, and the scent of them and use of my hands was worth a try to soothe me this time! So, head to a toy shop or craft shop and root out these delightful treats. You’d be surprised how creative finger paints can feel as an adult!

3.Tasty treats.

By KatherineMcGrane

Namely, chocolate or tea-making paraphernalia. Budget accordingly, sometimes I want a £4 tea and a 80p bar of chocolate, and other times I can spend the whole £5 on something special from an artisan chocolate shop. Make the choosing part of the experience, then stick some mood music on and switch your phone off while you savour it!

4.Appeal to your olfactory system.

By Kat Tomilloso

That’s the nose, in lay-person terms. Scent can have an enormous impact on how we feel – so whether it’s a candle, a perfume or a similarly smelly item, if you choose a scent that makes you happy, you’re onto a winner when it floods your room with good vibes.

5. Set the mood.

By Maria Hellstrom

This can combine with the candle suggestion, but many shops offer cheap battery-operated strings of fairy lights! Sling some in an empty pint glass for a cute light feature, or drape them around some objects in your room. Fairy lights are powerful tools!

We hope you found these suggestions useful, do let us know if there’s something you always treat yourself to when you’re a bit low.

Header image by Sara Aydin Matos

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