By Gabriella Philips

CN: Exercise


I’ve been running for as long as I’ve struggled with mental health; not to reach a particular target (other than getting fighting fit) but to find space and relative peace. Running induces a suggestible state of mind – I have no science for this other than my own experience – and listening to some good jams whilst watching the surroundings swim into a blur can help to get me into/out of a certain frame of mind. It’s not so much about running away from problems, as running into them (although, getting away can be really great, too!).

Generally, my running playlists are grouped into different moods and genres (sometimes I really need electro-clash), but this playlist channels the inspirational – dramatic build-ups and motivational lyrics, for Running Up That Hill or getting into the Fast Lane. Whatever you’re jogging to, make it Harder Better Faster Stronger.



Header image by Chun-Hung Eric Cheng

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