By Sophie Nevrkla


CN: Revision, anxiety


When revision comes around, remaining calm seems like a big ask. It can feel like everything and everyone around you is telling you to panic, because apparently this is necessary to achieve what you need to. Your brain becomes a vehicle for the information you need to know, the exams you need to pass, and in all this, sometimes you get lost in the process. At times like these, self-care is essential.

All of these songs help me look inward – in a healthy way. Whenever I listen to them, I am able to pause the present momentarily, and drift through the thought canals of my own mind. Everything I have chosen sounds like a little piece of magic (to me, anyway). It is by no means an exhaustive list, but it includes some of my favourite songs – the calming ones which help me relax the most, and feel most myself when the world around me is manic.

Happy, sad, or somewhere in between, every song on this list helps me put things in perspective and feel human again.


Header image by Mia Nolting

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