Content note: This piece is about, and describes, sexual assault.


Writer’s note: A poem about sexual assault, dedicated to the second man that thought that it was okay to do this to me, he was my best friend, and now he’s just another soulless face in a sea of many who will never face punishment for their crimes. 


The poison trickles into my mind and bursts through my bloodstream
The memories right there in front of my open eyes
The poison is sweet, it tastes like you
And the lies that you whispered so pleasantly into my ears
The poison consumes me
Causing my heart to fall further and further into the pit in my stomach that you created
When your body pressed next to mine and your hands explored the foreign land that was my body
But my mind wasn’t foreign to you
You knew my mind like you know your home
You could wander around it with your eyes closed
But the toxic nectar altered my mind
Making it twisted and hard for you to navigate
Leading you to misread the sign posts
Making you think that exiting out of my mind and sneaking through my gates into my garden is what we both wanted
You pulled out every flower that grew and replaced it with weeds and thorns
You have destroyed the progress that I have made turning it from a barren land into a garden of blooming flowers
Scarring the earth and tainting the soil so that nothing will ever grow again
You were a trespasser in my body and now no matter what I do, I will never be able to evict you



Header image by Brett Whaley

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